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Welcome to Sprengstart MC

A little self-praise:

With a little modesty we choose to describe ourselves as an avreage-sized biker club  -  Mid-Norwegian scale.
The club consists  today of 16 Members, three Prospects and one Hangaround. Common to this assembly of  fine and vivacous "young" men, is a burning interest in the construction, reconstruction, maintenance and last - but certainly not least - the use of American motorcycles. This has also been the main focus of the club since its foundation in 1983.

Today - 26 years later - we may still refer to the same genuine interest in motorcykles.
In addition to this, we can also boast of a fairly high and tenacious party factor that has remained extremely stable through all these years.

  "It's hard to be nostalgic when you can not remember anything."

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OC-chopper, SMC style Jotunhaus Juni 2010 (61) Flinke snekkere Frokost Sport og spill Prospectvest av Bilde050 Jotunhaus Juni 2010 (49) pins 015 P6050059 Glis Steinar V. Arne og Aron drar videre DSC01451 Råkken råll Lerkendal DSC01159 Store og Frank legger en plan.. P6050106 DSC01649 Frode og Datsun pins 022 Stein Kåre forteller Frank IMG_1296 Div Sprengstart mc 082 10.07.12 Rumble MC 015 059 Pøls & Pils Kremtopper


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